Shipping Policy

Thank you for visiting and or shopping at TFS Wholesalers Online. Following are the term and conditions that constitute our shipping policy.

Shipping Area and “Estimates”

We deliver anywhere in South Africa. Areas and time is the only difference in schedule time delivery. We have an “estimate” of 1-10 working days. It can be as quick as 1 day or it can take longer than 10 days dependent on the situation.

If an order takes longer than the “estimate” no claims can be made towards TFS Wholesalers, and we will try our best to sort the situation out as it can be very difficult to have the best service whenever things go wrong, because of the following reasons: Bad address given by the client, Bad street numbering, Bad communication with the courier companies, Theft and high-risk areas, bad timing etc. We will however still do our very best to deliver your package placed at TFS Wholesalers Online. We will replace stolen packages or missing packages on route to our clients.

Shipping rates

Free delivery on orders above R250 based on the following:

Vryheid – Local CBD (10km radius from TFS Wholesalers Physical Store

Dundee – Local CBD (10km radius from TFS Wholesalers Physical Store

Ladysmith – Local CBD (10km radius from TFS Wholesalers Physical Store

R20 basic delivery fee on orders below R250

Courier Companies Used

  • Courier Guy
  • Zultrans
  • TFS Wholesalers

Missing delivery

We have an estimated delivery time of 1-10 working days, depending on location and the area given for delivery. If a customer does not answer or neglects the Couriers call, they will reschedule the delivery up to 3 times. If no answer is given by the client, the courier will try to gather more info about the customer by TFS Wholesalers Online.

TFS Wholesalers Online will then try to contact the customer by use of a call, message or email. If no answer is given, the package will return to TFS Wholesalers. The client will be responsible for paying extra for delivery as it has cost TFS Wholesalers money to try and deliver the package without success.